Social Events

TL;DR CSCW 2022 will continue featuring Lab Speed Dating, where entire research labs/groups can meet each other (sign up here). We will also have a CSCW Bingo game, a virtual Opening Reception on GatherTown, themed group chats on Discord, as well as 1:1 networking opportunities through Who2Chat.

Greetings from the CSCW 2022 virtual chairs!

We’re incredibly excited to bring this year’s social events to you. This year CSCW 2022 will follow a slightly different format, with a concentration of synchronous interactions on Discord and Gathertown. We know that on top of the already busy conference schedule, many of you live an even busier life and are probably tired of spending more time online. We continue to try to make social events lightweight, low-pressure, and community-driven, with nonetheless ample opportunities for forming and maintaining meaningful connections and interactions.

Lab Speed Dating

While meeting new people is one of the most attractive things about conferences, we also get that meeting new people one-on-one can be intimidating, especially in a virtual environment. For this reason, we introduced Lab Speed Dating at CSCW 2021, and have since heard a lot of positive feedback. We are excited to share that Lab Speed Dating will continue at CSCW 2022. Lab Speed Dating is an opportunity for entire research labs/groups to meet and greet each other, and is a lightweight way to meet other people.

How to participate

Lab or group leads need to sign up in the Lab Speed Dating sign up form, tell us a few things such as group size, timezone, and research interests, and we will match you with another lab or group according to the information provided to us. The lab or group leads will have the freedom to determine the time and structure of the meetup that’ll work best for both groups.

We ask that only the lab/group’s point of contact should sign up for Lab Speed Dating. If you think your lab or group should participate but you can’t serve as the point of contact, talk to someone who can and ask them to sign up.

CSCW 2022 Bingo

What’s even a conference if you don’t get to make some new friends! To help encourage and support conversation between attendees, we’ve created the CSCW Bingo game. To play, duplicate this Google Sheet Bingo Card and start filling in the squares. Each square requires that you interact with a different person.

“Finish your bingo card and submit it to the #bingo channel to enter a raffle for a prize!”

Thanks to ASSETS 2022, specifically Hybrid Experience Chairs Emma McDonnell and Kelly Mack for the Bingo

CSCW Welcoming Reception and Meetup

One of the great traditions of CSCW was the welcoming reception the evening before the main conference. While the conference will be virtual this year, we invite you to join us on Gather Town. Bring your own beverage, catch up with some old friends, or say hi to some new avatars!

(Guess what - this is also a good opportunity to fill out that Bingo card!)

Join us at the welcoming reception on GatherTown on Monday, November 7, 8:00 AM Taiwan Time / Sunday, November 6, 4:00pm Pacific Time.

Themed Group Chats on Discord

CSCW 2022 will have a number of themed group chats on Discord (or “channels” in Discord lingo), with topics spanning Social, Career, and Research. Here’s an overview of the chat groups that will be available.


  • Introduce Yourself
  • First time attendees
  • My CSCW stories
  • Memes
  • Pets
  • Food and drinks
  • Sad WFH meals
  • Gaming
  • TV, movies, and anime
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Crafting & knitting
  • Fitness


  • Job posting
  • On the market
  • Junior PhD students
  • Early career faculty
  • PhD application


  • Privacy
  • Tangible Computing
  • Health
  • Children, Youth, and Teens
  • Older Adults and Aging
  • Conversation & Communication
  • Accessibility
  • Video & Livestreaming
  • Equity and Justice
  • Content moderation and platform governance
  • Qualitative researchers
  • Quantitative researchers
  • System researchers
  • Design researchers
  • Crowds and collaboration
  • VR and AR
  • Civic Engagement
  • Everything AI

Virtual Coffee Hours on Who2Chat

CSCW 2022 is using Who2chat, a system to help you meet new people at conferences for coffee chats. Who2chat helps you figure out who at the conference would be good to meet, then helps coordinate brief coffee-break-style meetings with those people.

If you’re a senior researcher, Who2chat helps you welcome new members to the community. You can find specific people to meet based on their research interests and help your junior colleague or students to find the right researchers to talk to. It can also help you meet old-timers you haven’t met yet.

If you’re a newcomer, even a shy one, Who2chat can help you figure out who to talk to and help you approach them in a natural way.

Join us at Who2Chat virtual coffee hours!
Session 1: Nov 15, 10-11 AM Pacific / Nov 16, 2-3 AM Taiwan
Session 2: Nov 15, 9-10 PM Pacific / Nov 16, 1-2 PM Taiwan

To prepare, you should use Who2chat in advance to set up your profile so people can find you, and to create your list of people you’d like to meet. Who2Chat will then connect you to the people you’ve chosen to meet or who’ve chosen to meet you.

Link to the tool:
For more information, refer to these guidelines:
For technical support, contact:

Who2Chat is supported by the Haystack Group at MIT and not supported by ACM CSCW. Who2Chat is a research system, and you will have the opportunity to consent to participate in the research.

We hope this year’s social events will have something for everybody, and we invite you to be part of them. We can’t wait to see you at CSCW 2022.