Emerging Scholars Sessions

Emerging Scholars Sessions: Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) With Senior Scholars

CSCW’s inclusive mission aims to create a community for and with emerging scholars. With CSCW being virtual for the third year in a row, there is a particularly pressing need for junior scholars to connect with other researchers. For example, many students have not had the chance to attend a conference in person and connect with members of the research community.

CSCW 2022 is holding Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) sessions for emerging scholars, with senior CSCW members from the community, academic and industry luminaries. The AMA sessions will be one-hour sessions in which 10-15 emerging scholars can have time to chat with a senior CSCW researcher and ask questions about anything, such as advice on research and career development. The AMA sessions will be held throughout the duration of CSCW 2022, and will be attended by a small number of emerging scholars who sign up in advance of these events.

CSCW 2022 AMA sessions will be joined by the following senior CSCW members, to meet our emerging scholars:

CSCW attendees who are interested in the AMA sessions can respond to a sign-up form when they register for the CSCW 2022, or they can express interest directly at this link. The Emerging Scholar Chairs will provide more details regarding the sessions’ time in the following weeks. Feel free to reach out to the chairs: emergingscholars2022@cscw.acm.orgif you have any questions.