Information for Paper Presenters

How will others see my work?

  • The draft conference program is up
    • Click Program to explore the program
    • Click the Search field to search for your name or paper to determine when your paper presentation video will play
    • Each paper is bundled with 4-5 other papers into a session
  • Your paper video presentation will play on CSCW TV twice–once in the first week, and once in the second week–at the scheduled times.
    • CSCW TV has two “entry points”: a Gathertown watch party space, and an associated YouTube livestream. Each session has a dedicated Discord chat channel
    • Attendees may ask questions to the authors in the Discord channel at any time
  • About halfway through the conference, the publisher will make the presentation videos available for asynchronous viewing through the ACM DL links.

What should I do as a paper author?

  • When your paper presentation video is playing, you can join the Gathertown CSCW TV watch party.
    • Attendees also at the watch party may see you and try to engage with you.
  • Monitor your session’s Discord channel.
    • Questions to you may appear at any time.
    • Questions to other authors in the same session may be relevant to you.
  • The links will be distributed by email to attendees by the beginning of the conference.
  • None of these links change throughout the duration of the conference, so you can bookmark them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I give a live presentation?

No. We will not use live presentations from paper authors this year.

Should I be around when my presentation video is playing?

Ideally yes, but if you can’t, you can always respond to questions/comments asynchronously via Discord.

I don’t know how to use Gathertown or Discord.

Not to worry! We are putting the finishing touches on “Getting Started” guides for both of these platforms, and will have this ready shortly.

I have another question.

Please send clarification questions to