CSCW Workshop Program 2022

CSCW 2022 Workshops will be held virtually on November 12-13, 2022. Below is the program of workshops. Please follow the workshop organizers’ instructions on their websites for how to submit and participate in their workshops. Workshop participants are required to register for their workshop(s) (and pay the conference fee as well as corresponding workshop fees) via the main conference registration site.

Taiwan date and time, please refer to the workshop website for specific workshop times

Title (Website Linked) Description Date and Time
Information-Seeking, Finding Identity: Exploring the Role of Online Health Information in Illness Experience This workshop aims to explore the different methods researchers have used to understand online information-seeking journeys and to identify how the internet is, or can be, used to help users make sense of, and give meaning to, their health-related experiences. Sunday, November 13 10:00 PM to Monday, November 14 2:00 AM
Situating Network Infrastructure with People, Practices, and Beyond: A Community Building Workshop This CSCW 2022 virtual workshop, spread across two days in time-zone convenient sessions, aims to foster a global community of researchers and practitioners with technical and social science expertise in computer networks. We aim to expand upon and build links between different conversations, and support these with relevant resources. We will discuss: applying social scientific analyses to technology and implementation; social-scientific analysis of the production and governance of networking infrastructure; alternative perspectives on networking; and, intersections of networking practices with political and economic conditions. The workshop will produce: (1) a shared, extensible bibliography to make the state of the art explicit and inclusive, (2) a compilation of resources to support future work, (3) an agenda of shared goals, challenges, and intentions, and (4) social and organizing infrastructures for continued communication and collaboration. Saturday, November 12 9:00 AM to Sunday, November 13 6:00 PM
Ethical Tensions, Norms, and Directions in the Extraction of Online Volunteer Work Online volunteer work such as moderating forums and participating in open source projects not only underpins today’s digital infrastructures, but also helps companies generate immense profits. However, there remains a lack of ethical norms around using volunteer labor for corporate interests, opening opportunities for unchecked extraction of online volunteer work at scale. Building on the rich body of literature, this workshop makes a call for increased attention to ethical issues in the extraction of online volunteer work. Sunday, November 13 11:00 PM to Monday, November 14 11:00 AM
Growing New Scholarly Communication Infrastructures for Sharing, Reuse, and Synthesis Sharing, reuse, and synthesis of knowledge is central to the research process. These core functions are in theory served by the system of monographs, abstracts, and papers in journals and proceedings, with citation indices and search databases that comprise the core of our formal scholarly communication infrastructure; yet, converging lines of empirical and anecdotal evidence suggest that this system does not adequately act as infrastructure for synthesis. Emerging developments in new institutions for science, along with new technical infrastructures and tooling for decentralized knowledge work, offer new opportunities to prototype new technical infrastructures on top of a different installed base than the publish or perish, neoliberal academy. This workshop aims to integrate these developments and communities with CSCW’s deep roots in knowledge infrastructures and collaborative and distributed sensemaking, with new developments in science institutions and tooling, to stimulate and accelerate progress towards prototyping new scholarly communication infrastructures that are actually optimized for sharing, reusing, and synthesizing knowledge. Saturday, November 12 9:00 AM to Sunday, November 13 6:00 PM
Who Has an Interest in “Public Interest Technology”? Critical Questions for Working with Local Governments & Impacted Communities Local governments use technologies such as software, algorithms, and data systems across policing, probation, child protective services, courts, education, employment services, homelessness services, etc. A body of work in CSCW and HCI has emerged to study these technologies. Prior work has collaborated with local governments in the name of the public interest. However, recent work questions whether local governments truly serve the public, or whether they primarily surveil and police poor, minoritized communities. In this one-day CSCW’22 virtual workshop, we will bring together researchers from academia, the public sector, and community organizations to take stock of work around civic technologies and reflect on critical questions to orient the future of public interest technology, including: (How) should researchers collaborate with local governments? When should we oppose governments? How should we ethically engage with communities without being extractive? Sunday, November 13 11:00 AM to Sunday, November 13 5:00 PM (EST)
Solidarity and Disruption (Collective Organizing In Computing II) In this one-day workshop, we will bring together tech workers, researchers and activists from academia, industry, and community-based organizations to extend conversations that we began in two workshops last year. We will further explore avenues and approaches for action, particularly to support practitioners’ and activists’ objectives, and connect participants with concrete opportunities for on-the-ground action. Saturday, November 12 12:00 AM to Saturday, November 12 5:00 AM