Getting Started with Discord

The CSCW 2022 Discord is a chat-based social space to meet with other attendees, and also a space for attendees to ask authors questions in their dedicated channel. If you have ever used Slack – it works just like that. This page will guide you through joining Discord and participating in CSCW 2022 through Discord.

First things first

You will need a Discord invite link to join the CSCW 2022 Discord, which you will receive in your email before the conference starts. If the conference has started and you still don’t have a Discord invite link, email

If you don’t have a Discord account, make sure to sign up for one before you proceed. The CSCW 2022 Discord also requires you to have a verified email with Discord, so also make sure to verify your email.

Step-by-step Instructions for joining the CSCW 2022 Discord

Step 1. Once you click the invite link, it will prompt your Discord app with “You have been prompted to join CSCW 2022”. Click Join CSCW 2022 to join the server

Step 2. On the top of the Discord window, you will see a banner that says “You must complete a few more steps before you can start talking in this server [Complete]”. Click “complete,” read the code of conduct (this is important – do read it!), check the box and click “submit.”

Step 3. Congratulations! You now have full access to the CSCW 2022 Discord. You will also receive a direct message from MEE6, a Discord bot welcoming you to the server.

Discord Map

A screenshot of CSCW 2022 Discord server in the general-chat. At the top are the numbers 1-4 with an arrow pointing to bounding boxes representing each part.

  • Number 1 points to the left-most sidebar which represents all the servers you are a part of.
  • Number 2 points to the left-middle sidebar which shows all the categories and channels within a server.
  • Number 3 points to the middle area of Discord where users can read and send messages.
  • Number 4 points to the rightmost sidebar which highlights the members of the server broken down by their roles such as SV-Chair, Attendee, and other Offline Members

How can I update my screen name?

While you certainly have a cool screen name or user ID, we encourage you to use your full name in the CSCW 2022 Discord so other folks can more easily recognize you. To update your screen name:

  1. Click your avatar at the bottom left of the Discord window
  2. Click the pen symbol (edit profile)
  3. Click “Server Profiles” on the screen that pops up
  4. Make sure “CSCW 2022” shows up under “choose a server” then change the nickname to your full name
  5. Click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the window

Safety and Privacy Concerns

We hope that the CSCW 2022 Discord will be a welcoming and safe space, but if something happens that makes you uncomfortable or feels unsafe, reach out to any active student volunteer for help. Look for blue names that are labeled “[SV][Active]”. If you don’t receive an SV response in time, email

In addition, please remember that you always have the ability to block any users that you don’t want to interact with anymore.