Information for Attendees

Welcome to CSCW 2022! Our conference this year is running once again as an online event, this time spread out over two weeks to ease the pacing of the event, and to allow people to plan their days around CSCW.

How does CSCW 2022 work?

  • CSCW 2022 is a two week conference. You can see the draft conference program now
  • We have three main types of events: synchronous webinar-style events, synchronous meeting-style live events, and the asynchronous watch party. Each is supported by a different set of platforms. As an attendee, you can join in on all or some of these events as your schedule and time allows for.
Event Type Example Where
Synchronous live events, webinar style Opening plenary, panels Zoom
Synchronous live events, meeting style Poster/demo reception, townhall, emerging scholar AMAs Gathertown or Zoom
Asynchronous watch party CSCW TV watch party Gathertown, Discord
  • The live synchronous events are planned for Monday and Tuesdays at 10am and 10pm, with sponsored events running immediately afterwards.
  • The asynchronous watch party for CSCW TV will run on Wednesdays through Friday.

What happens at the live synchronous events?

  • The live events will run for 1h-2h (depending on the event), and you will join either through a Zoom link (i.e. for the plenary talks and panels), or through Gathertown (for the poster/demo reception).
  • At webinar-style synchronous events (e.g. plenary, panels), attendees can post questions that will be forwarded to the session chair or moderator.
  • At meeting-style synchronous events, you can participate as you would in a regular zoom call (e.g. townhall), or wander around the space to interact with presenters (e.g. poster/demo reception).

What is CSCW TV?

  • Paper presenters have prepared short 10-minute videos. These have been grouped together into 4-6 paper bundles called sessions.
  • These sessions will play videos from Wednesday - Friday on the first and second week of the conference. (The second week repeats the first week, though with a time-offset of about 12 hours.)
  • Attendees can join other attendees to watch the livestream via a watch party in Gathertown. We will also provide a YouTube link to attendees that have difficulty using Gathertown.

How can I discuss the paper with other attendees and authors?

  • You can discuss the paper with other attendees in the Gathertown space at any time.
  • If you have a question for the authors, you can join the Discord channel that is associated with the session, and post a question to the authors there. The authors have been instructed to monitor the Discord channel throughout the duration of the conference.
  • The Discord will remain persistent, allowing attendees and authors to interact with each other asynchronously through the duration of CSCW.

Where can I meet other attendees?

  • You can meet and interact with other attendees in Gathertown any time! This space will be open to all attendees throughout the duration of the conference. We have set up discussion spaces, and the posters/demos spaces will be open for attendees to wander through.
  • You can also meet and interact with other attendees in the Discord. Here, we have set up topic-specific channels (e.g. #cats), as well as channels specific to sessions (e.g. #online-communities).
  • The links will be distributed by email to attendees by the beginning of the conference.
  • None of these links change throughout the duration of the conference, so you can bookmark them.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t know how to use Gathertown or Discord.

Not to worry! We are putting the finishing touches on “Getting Started” guides for both of these platforms, and will have this ready shortly.

I have another question.

Please send clarification questions to