CSCW 2025 now open for July cycle paper submissions!

Please see the call for papers (CFP) for full details:

In an attempt to streamline our process and to ensure sustainability of our reviewing process, we wish to alert those who have submitted before to CSCW of new changes and clarifications (note these are not exhaustive, please refer to the CFP):

  • CSCW 2025 has two cycles: a July 2024 and an Oct 2024 cycle. There is no January 2025 cycle.
  • Authors may resubmit January 2024 rejected papers to the July 2024 (CSCW 2025) cycle. Read carefully  the CFP for more details on whether July 2024 rejected papers can be resubmitted to the October 2024 cycle.  
  • We will be strictly enforcing template and scope guidelines. When you submit your paper on PCS, you will need to briefly explain (1-4 sentences) how your paper fits the scope of CSCW.
  • We are allowing authors to optionally indicate a second paradigm for their paper (all papers must have at least one paradigm).
  • Authors must agree to collectively review 3 papers. Failure to agree will result in a desk reject. PCS will ask you to explicitly list who will be doing the three reviews. Reviewers must volunteer to review on PCS by July 3, 2024 at 23:59 Anywhere on Earth (AoE) time.
  • Overall, we have made criteria for desk / quick reject more explicit. Editors, Paper Chairs, and ACs will be involved in making decisions about Quick Rejects and Desk Rejects.

We encourage you to create your PCS submission entries early so you know in advance the fields required to fill out.

Lastly, we continue to look for more experienced scholars to participate as ACs in our conference. Please consider participating by filling out this survey (! We are continually discussing how to improve the experience for the program committee and hope many of you will give back to a conference we all love 🙂

– CSCW Paper Chairs (Xiaojuan Ma, Xinru Page, Chiara Rossitto, Norman Makoto Su)

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