Hybrid Experience

After three years in a row of all-online CSCW conferences, CSCW 2023 finally will be in person! We’re meeting in Minneapolis in October – and we hope you will be able to join us there. However, we know that this isn’t possible for everyone, so we also are creating a strong hybrid experience; if you can’t make it in person, we hope you will join us online!

We are fortunate to be able to learn from a number of hybrid conferences that took place over the past three years, and we have taken inspiration especially from CHI 2022. Based on community feedback and our logistic capabilities, here is what we have planned!

First, the majority of conference sessions (most of which are papers sessions!) will be synchronous hybrid, with remote attendees able to join to both present and attend. 

SessionsIn-personRemote presentingRemote watching (livestream)
Posters✓ (limited options)
Town Hall
Workshops✓ (for remote/hybrid)✓ (for remote/hybrid)

For both in-person and remote attendees we are providing a streamlined set of modes of communication and coordination:

  • Progressive Web App (PWA).  The conference schedule will be available via the SIGCHI PWA program website, and will include Zoom links for sessions.
  • Discord. Conference attendees (both online and in person) will have access to a Discord server. There will be channels for conference sessions and coordination, as well as general CSCW discussion and socializing. We will strongly encourage in-person attendees to use Discord as well, both to interact with remote attendees and to backchannel and communicate before, during, and after the conference.
  • Zoom. Paper sessions and panels will be set up as Zoom webinars. Remote presenters will present synchronously and conduct Q&A in topically-organized sessions that combine in person and remote presentations. In person presenters will present in the room, live-streamed via Zoom. In-person session chairs will ensure that remote attendees are able to ask questions along with in-person attendees. Presenters – whether in-person or remote – will not be required to create videos. 
  • Social media. Join us now and at the conference on Mastodon (cscw@hci.social), Twitter (@acm_cscw), and Facebook (acmCSCW) and hashtag #CSCW2023 on all your favorite online spots!

In summary:

In-person attendees can attend all sessions in Minneapolis, with the exception of any all-online workshops. You will also have the opportunity to interact with all attendees (including remote attendees) via Discord. We highly encourage this interaction both before and during the conference!

Remote attendees can attend all papers sessions (which make up the majority of the conference) as well as plenary sessions (keynotes and the town hall), panels, and any hybrid or all-remote workshops. Remote paper and panel presenters will present synchronously on Zoom. You will also be able to interact with each other and with in-person attendees via Discord and to ask questions synchronously during sessions. 

Workshops will be either all-in-person, all-remote, or hybrid. Please make sure that you verify the modality for the workshop (these will all be listed on our website soon) before deciding to participate.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact the general chairs (chairs2023@cscw.acm.org) or the hybrid chairs (hybrid2023@cscw.acm.org). We look forward to seeing you in Minneapolis or online!