Posters and Demos

List of accepted posters

  • ChatGPT in Healthcare: Exploring AI Chatbot for Spontaneous Word Retrieval in Aphasia

Aditya Kumar Purohit, Aditya Upadhyaya, Adrian Holzer

  • NBGuru: Generating Explorable Data Science Flowcharts to Facilitate Asynchronous Communication in Interdisciplinary Data Science Teams

Panayu Keelawat

  • An Exploratory Study of Shared Decision-Making (SDM) for Older Adult Patients with Chronic Diseases

Yuexing Hao, Zeyu Liu, Monika Safford, Rulla Tamimi, Saleh Kalantari

  • “After she fell asleep, it went to my next podcast, which was about a serial killer”: Unveiling Needs and Expectations Regarding Parental Control within Digital Assistant

Prakriti Dumaru, Mahdi Nasrullah Al-Ameen

  • A Systematic Examination of Race in Healthcare-Focused HCI Research

Devon Roe, Megh Marathe

  • Avatar Customization, Personality, and the Perception of Work Group Inclusion in Immersive Virtual Reality

Lauren Buck, Gareth W. Young, Rachel McDonnell

  • Perceptions of Mental Health Crisis among U.S. Military Veteran Peer Mentors and Potential of Mobile-Based Peer-Support Interventions

Md Romael Haque, Zeno Franco, MD FITRAT HOSSAIN, Wylie Frydrychowicz, Praveen Madiraju, Natalie D Baker, Katinka Hooyer, SHEIKH IQBAL AHAMED, OTIS WINSTEAD, Robert Curry, Sabirat Rubya

  • When Gestures and Words Synchronize: Exploring A Human Lecturer’s Multimodal Interaction for the Design of Embodied Pedagogical Agents

Lai Wei, Kenny K. N. Chow

  • Teens on Tech: Using an Asynchronous Remote Community to Explore Adolescents’ Online Safety Perspectives

Naulsberry Jean Baptiste, Jinkyung Park, Neeraj Chatlani, Naima Samreen Ali, Pamela J. Wisniewski

  • Plug and Play Conversations: The Micro-Conversation Scheme for Modular Development of Hybrid Conversational Agent

Xin Sun, Emiel Krahmer, Jan de Wit, Reinout Wiers, Jos A. Bosch

  • More Than a Wife and a Mom: A Study of Mom Vlogging Practices in China 

Kyrie Zhixuan Zhou, Bohui Shen, Franziska Zimmer, Chuanli Xia, Xin Tong

  • Towards Understanding Substance Abuse Misinformation in YouTube Videos

Shuo Niu, Kathleen Palm Reed

  • Nudging for Online Misinformation: a Design Inquiry

Loukas Konstantinou, Evangelos Karapanos

  • SleepyFlora: Supporting Sleep Sharing and Augmentation over a Distance for Social Bonding across Time Zones

Zhuying Li, Si Cheng, Zhenhuan Chen, Xin Sun, Jiatong Li, Ding Ding

  • “You are finally Home”: Centering Playful Marginalized Community Values in Designing Online Social Platforms

Kritika Kritika, Kathryn E. Ringland

  • Mastodon Rules: Characterizing Formal Rules on Popular Mastodon Instances

Matthew N Nicholson, Brian C Keegan, Casey Fiesler

  • The Opportunity Cost: Using a Narrative Approach to Reframe Pro-equity Urban Informatics

Andrew Hamann, Roderic Crooks

  • Understanding the Challenges in Academia to Prepare Nursing Students for Digital Technology Use at Workplace

Ankit Shrestha, Prakriti Dumaru, Rizu Paudel, Mahdi Nasrullah Al-Ameen

  • Understanding Satisfaction Factors of Personalized Body-weight Exercises

Hong Yoon Kim, Dong Young Lim, Seokwoo Song

  • Supporting from the Background: How a Mobile Application for Parent Skills Development Encourages Authoritative Parenting

Rebecca M Jonas, Benjamin V. Hanrahan, Carlie Sloan, Gregory M. Fosco

  • “Headlines rarely soothe nerves”: An Analysis of News Coverage of Social Media Mental Health Research

Faye Kollig, Casey Fiesler

  • How to Ethically Engage Fat People in HCI Research

Blakeley Hoffman Payne, Jordan Taylor, Katta Spiel, Casey Fiesler

  • Body Crumple, Sound Intrusion, and Embodiment Violation: Toward a Framework for Miscommunication in VR

Daniel Akselrad, Cyan DeVeaux, Eugy Han, Mark Roman Miller, Jeremy N. Bailenson

  • Prototyping Kodi: Defining Design Requirements to Develop a Virtual Chat-bot for Autistic Children and Their Caregivers

NARAYAN GHIOTTI, David Joseph Clulow, Serene Cheon, Kevin Cui, Hyo Kang

  • Together we turn Uncertainty into Action: Understanding the Role of Artificial Intelligence in Supporting the Financial Concerns of Older Adults

Yubin Choi, Dasom Choi, Hwajung Hong

  • Affective Affordance of Message Balloon Animations: An Early Exploration of AniBalloons

Pengcheng An, Chaoyu Zhang, Haichen Gao, Ziqi Zhou, Linghao Du, Che Yan, Yage Xiao, Jian Zhao

  • Ambiguity for Social Self-tracking Practices: Exploring an Emerging Design Space

Chiara Di Lodovico, Sara Colombo, Amon Rapp

  • #Pragmatic or #Clinical: Analyzing TikTok Mental Health Videos

Alice Qian Zhang, Ashlee Milton, Stevie Chancellor

  • VR Job Interview Using a Gender-Swapped Avatar

Jieun Kim, Hauke Sandhaus, Susan R. Fussell

  • Invisible Coordination Work:  Field Stations as Scientific Caregivers 

Erin Robinson, Leysia Palen

  • Can Password Meter be More Effective Towards User Attention, Engagement, and Attachment?: A Study of Metaphor-based Designs

Arezou Behfar, Hanieh Atashpanjeh, Mahdi Nasrullah Al-Ameen

  • Are You Anonymous? Inferring Personal Information from Nonverbal Behavior Data Tracked in Immersive Virtual Reality

Yeonju Jang, Jose Guridi, Daniel Molitor, Rachel Kwon, Sneha Nagarajan

  • How Small Businesses Transform PDF Agreements into Action

Jianna So, Nedim Lipka, Alexa F Siu, Ryan Rossi, Franck Dernoncourt

  • A pilot study on people’s views of gratitude practices and reactions to expressing gratitude in an online community

Bridget Ho, Kehua Lei, Jonathan Xuan He, Reina Itakura, Kathleen Lum, David Lee

  • Perspectives from Naive Participants and Social Scientists on Addressing Embodiment in a Virtual Cyberball Task

Tao Long, Swati Pandita, Andrea Stevenson Won

  • Animal Narratives and Emotional Resonance in #ClimateChange Discourse on Social Media: A Qualitative Content Analysis

Daniela M Markazi, Rachel Magee

  • Robotic Systems in Heritage Protection: An Anti-Fatigue Human-Robot Collaboration Exploration for Heritage Painting and Calligraphy Restoration

Linyi Liu, Siqi Yang, Yixue Wang, Zhengtao Ma, Le Fang, Yonghao Long, Stephen Jia Wang

  • Visualizing the Carbon Intensity of Machine Learning Inference for Image Analysis on TensorFlow Hub

Taewon Yoo, Hyunmin Lee, Seung Young Oh, Hyosun Kwon, Hyunggu Jung

  • Toward Value Scenario Generation Through Large Language Models

Hyunggu Jung, Woosuk Seo, Seokwoo Song, Sungmin Na

  • How People Initiate and Respond to Discussions Around Online Community Norms: A Preliminary Analysis on Meta Stack Overflow Discussions

Jingchao Fang, Jia-Wei Liang, Hao-Chuan Wang

  • Femtech Data Privacy post-Dobbs: A Preliminary Analysis of User Reactions

Nidhi Nellore, Michael Zimmer

  • Design to Increase Social Interaction between Viewers of Dramas on OTT Platforms

KiTae Kim, NAYOUNG HONG, Jiwon Park, Hajin Lim

  • Personal Objects as Design Materials: A Case Study of Co-Designing Safe Spaces With Young Adults

Salma Elsayed-Ali, Elizabeth Bonsignore, Joel Chan

  • I create, therefore I agree: Exploring the effect of AI anthropomorphism on human decision-making

Nanyi Bi, Janet Yi-Ching Huang

  • The Synthesis Lab: Empowering Collaborative Learning in Higher Education through Knowledge Synthesis

Xinran Zhu, Hong Shui, Bodong Chen

  • Co-Designing User Personas and Risk Scenarios for Evaluating Adolescent Online Safety Interventions

Zainab Agha, Kelsey Miu, Sophia Piper, Jinkyung Park, Pamela J. Wisniewski

  • Weaving Autistic Voices on TikTok: Utilizing Co-Hashtag Networks for Netnography 

Yihe Wang, Kathryn E. Ringland

  • Online Freelancing on Digital Labor Platforms: A Scoping Review

Pyeonghwa Kim, EunJeong Cheon, Steve Sawyer

  • “I just see numbers, but how do you feel about your training?”: Clinicians’ Data Needs in Telemonitoring for Colorectal Cancer Surgery Prehabilitation

Irina Bianca Serban, Dimitra Dritsa, Israel Campero Jurado, Steven Houben, Aarnout Brombacher, David ten Cate, Loes Janssen, Margot Heijmans

  • Post-Spotlight Posts: The Impact of Sudden Social Media Attention on Account Behavior

Joseph Schafer, Kate Starbird

  • Evolution of Rules in Reddit Communities

Harita Reddy, Eshwar Chandrasekharan

  • Sound of Care: Towards a Co-Operative AI Digital Pain Companion to Support People with Chronic Primary Pain

Bleiz Macsen Del Sette, Dawn Carnes, Charalampos Saitis

  • Leveraging Social Media Analysis for Effective Water Management

Khalid K. Osman, Florian Barbaro, Andy Skumanich

  • Bringing Emotions into Practice: A Framework for AI Design to Support Emotion Work

Diva Smriti, Jina Huh-Yoo

  • “It doesn’t just feel like something a lawyer slapped together.”- Mental-Model-Based Privacy Policy for Third-Party Applications on Facebook

Rizu Paudel, Ankit Shrestha, Prakriti Dumaru, Mahdi Nasrullah Al-Ameen

  • “I Don’t Need a Megaphone to Be Helpful”: Probing the Role of Technology in Pro-Choice Abortion Activism

Colin LeFevre, Aswati Panicker, Sitha Ram Vallabhaneni, Nikhil Dinesh, Forum J Modi, Katie A. Siek, Chia-Fang Chung

  • Towards Human-Centred AI-Co-Creation: A Three-Level Framework for Effective Collaboration between Human and AI

Mingyuan Zhang, Zhaolin Cheng, Sheung Ting Ramona Shiu, Jiacheng Liang, Cong Fang, Zhengtao Ma, Le Fang, Stephen Jia Wang

  • A Proposal to Study Shoulder-Surfing Resistant Authentication for Augmented and Virtual Reality: Replication Study in the US

Naheem Noah, Peter Mayer, Sanchari Das

  • Correct Me If I Am Wrong: Exploring How AI Outputs Affect User Perception and Trust

Jun Li Jeung, Janet Yi-Ching Huang

  • Exploring Distributed Synthesis: In-Progress Findings from Guided Tours of Scholarly Knowledge Synthesis Work Practices with A Distributed Lens

Siyi Zhu, Joel Chan

  • Leveraging Large Language Model as Support for Human Problem Solving: An Exploration of the Appropriation and Impact

Qingxiaoyang Zhu, Hao-Chuan Wang

  • Investigating Users’ Inclination of Leveraging Mobile Crowdsourcing to Obtain Verifying  vs. Supplemental Information when Facing Inconsistent Smat-city Sensor Information

You-Hsuan Chiang, Je-Wei Hsu, Chung-En Liu, Tzu-Yu Huang, Hsin-Lun Chiu, Yung-Ju Chang

  • Urgency Builds Trust: A Voice Agent’s Emotional Expression in an Emergency

Jieun Kim, Gonzalo Gonzalez-Pumariega, Soyee Park, Susan R. Fussell

  • Identifying Potential Inlets of Man in the Artificial Intelligence Development Process 

Deja Workman, Christopher L Dancy

List of accepted demos

Design for Learnability: Challenging the State-of-the-Art in UX to foster Inclusion and Participation
Katja Pott, Yves Simmen, Madlaina Kalunder, Doris Agotai, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland

Lady Bugs: Collaborative Interface for Exploring Creative Error and Uncertainty
Laewoo Leo Kang, Independent researcher

ConvXAI : Delivering Heterogeneous AI Explanations via Conversations to Support Human-AI Scientific Writing
Hua Shen, Chieh-Yang Huang, Tongshuang Wu, Ting-Hao Huang, Pennsylvania State University

Demonstrating Periscope: A Robotic Camera System to Support Remote Physical Collaboration
Haoming Meng, Yeping Wang, Pragathi Praveena, Michael Gleicher, Bilge Mutlu, University of Wisconsin-Madison

ReaderQuizzer: Augmenting Research Papers with Just-In-Time Learning Questions to Facilitate Deeper Understanding
Liam Maldonado, Azza Abouzied, Nancy Gleason, New York University Abu Dhabi

The CDL: An Online Platform for Creating Community-based Digital Libraries
Kevin Ros, ChengXiang Zhai, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

FeedbackMap: a tool for making sense of open-ended survey responses
Doug Beeferman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Nabeel Gillani, Northeastern University

The Community Builder (CoBi): Helping Students to Develop Better Small Group Collaborative Learning Skills
Thomas Breideband, Jeffrey Bush, Chelsea Chandler, Rachel Dickler, Peter Foltz, Ananya Ganesh, Rachel Lieber, William Penuel, Jason Reitman, John Weatherley, Sidney D’Mello, University of Colorado, Boulder
Michael Chang, UC Berkeley

ConceptCombo: Assisting Online Video Access with Concept Mapping and Social Commenting Visualizations
Jingxian Liao, Mrinalini Singh, Hao-Chuan Wang, UC Davis
Yi-Ting Hung, Wen-Chieh Lin, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University

DiffCoder: A GPT-Powered WorkFlow for Collaborative Qualitative Analysis
Jie Gao, Yuchen Guo, Simon Perrault, Singapore University of Technology and Design
Toby Li, University of Notre Dame

DeepThinkingMap: Collaborative Video Reflection System with Graph-based Summarizing and Commenting
Jingxian Liao, Mrinalini Singh, Hao-Chuan Wang, UC Davis

Workspace VR: A social and collaborative telework virtual reality application
Jason Ortiz, Carolina Cruz-Neira, University of Central Florida

DesertWoZ: A Wizard of Oz Environment to Support the Design of Collaborative Conversational Agents (fast-track)
James Simpson, Hamish Stening, Patrick Nalepka, Mark Dras, Erik Reichle, Deborah Richards, Michael Richardson, Macquarie University
Simon Hosking, Christopher Best, Defence Science and Technology Group

MeetScript: Designing Transcript-based Interactions to Support Active Participation in Group Video Meetings (fast-track)
Xinyue Chen, Shuo Li, Robin Fowler, Xu Wang, University of Michigan
Shipeng Liu, Universtiy of Southern California