Clowdr visual interface

The 23nd ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW2020) is the conference’s first ever fully virtual event. The organizing committee has strived to develop an exciting and engaging virtual conference. For the first time we are also co-located with UIST2020, be sure to check out their plans for a virtual event detailed in their recent Medium post.

In June, the Virtual Program Chairs were tasked with identifying, evaluating, and recommending potential platforms. Our goal from the beginning has been to facilitate the synchronous intellectual and social experiences we have all come to expect at CSCW, while opening up opportunities for ongoing asynchronous interaction before, during, and after this year’s conference. Our choice of platform was also informed by the goals and core values that the organizers had outlined for this year’s conference:

  • Reducing barriers to participation: low cost and & accessibility became key criteria
  • Learning from our experience: by choosing an open source platform, our work with the platform can be beneficial to the wider academic community
  • Room to experiment: going virtual opens up space to reimagine what we want our conferences to be, but the platform needed the flexibility to support new ways of doing things

After more than a year of work by the organizing and program committees, the many authors and reviewers, and our tireless conference managers John & Joanne we are happy to welcome you to CSCW2020 in Clowdr. To learn more about this experience join in or see our other post on the CSCW2020 Virtual Experience. We hope that you have a fun and informative CSCW!


The CSCW 2020 Virtual Program Co-Chairs,
Drew Paine, Carolina Fuentes, Tesh Goyal


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