Call for Studies at CSCW 2020

With CSCW moving to an all-online format this year, we have a unique opportunity to study many topics our community cares about, right at our own conference. From evaluating novel approaches to virtual interaction, to studying coordination challenges of a global, virtual conference, and everything in between, there is much to be learned. If you have ideas or plans for research at or on CSCW, the organizing committee wants to hear about it, so we can help figure out the best way to make it happen. 

We are calling for studies you/your team want to execute at, around, or about CSCW 2020. This year’s Meta Co-chairs will coordinate research at/on the conference, and will help research teams figure out the best way to make their study work as part of the larger conference experience and facilitate access to participants, so we want to hear from you ASAP. If you have any questions, an early-stage/partially designed study, or want to discuss ideas, please email If you have an idea ready to go, you can simply register it with the conference via the CSCW 2020 research registration form (, and the Meta co-chairs will follow up with you.

Ultimately, all research projects at/around the conference must be pre-registered with the Meta co-chairs. Meta will monitor ethical approval/research conduct, facilitate smooth deployment, and identify any conflicting/overlapping projects in service of suggesting and enabling broader research partnerships. All research at/around the conference must also follow three basic guidelines:

  1. All projects involving human subjects must have ethical approval from the project lead’s ethics review committee or equivalent for any human research.
  2. Before the conference, each project must provide an overall ethics statement including research involving public social media data.
  3. All results and (if practical) data collected at CSCW should benefit the CSCW community directly. Any papers written from conference research must be submitted to CSCW as a first target venue (if appropriate for publication at CSCW).