Important Dates

  • September 22, 2020: Deadline to register for volunteer lottery
  • September 25, 2020: Applicants will be informed of their acceptance or waitlist status.

Submit your application at this link.

Call for Student Volunteers

Enrollment for CSCW 2020 student volunteers is now open! Go to and create an account. Make sure to fill in all the relevant information. Then, go to to submit your application. The deadline for registering is September 22, 2020.

Student volunteers are essential to the success of the CSCW conference. In return for help at the conference, student volunteers receive a number of benefits including:

  • Free conference & workshop registration
  • Social events with your peers
  • Networking events with senior HCI researchers
  • Even more awesome SV benefits are still being planned and discussed, so stayed tuned!

While the volunteer duties are not always glamorous, they do provide a unique opportunity to interact closely with CSCW contributors, attendees, and other student volunteers. Volunteering provides a structured, cordial environment for students in various stages of their research career to become part of the CSCW community. Students often report that the ‘social networks’ they build from these meetings are the greatest benefit of being a volunteer. Indeed, it is not uncommon for future collaborations, internships/jobs, and friendships to be made through the SV experience.


Volunteers must be undergraduate, Master’s, or Ph.D. students during the 2019-2020 academic year. Students of all backgrounds, regardless of discipline, and from all geographic locations are encouraged to apply. You do not need to have a paper accepted to participate. No previous student volunteer experience is required, but we are looking for enthusiastic and reliable people. Volunteers must commit to volunteering for 15 hours at the conference on Oct. 17–21, 2020.

Please note that enrollment in the “CHISV” system does not mean that you have been selected — we will run a lottery and notify individuals of their status on September 25th, 2020.

.Student Volunteer Co-Chairs

Tiffany Knearem (Pennsylvania State University)
Sukrit Venkatagiri (Virginia Tech)