Registration for CSCW 2020 is now closed. Thank you for attending!

Registration Rates

StudentACM/SIG MembersNon-ACM/SIG MembersEmeritus
Early Registration (through 10/11)$100$200$250$100
Regular Registration (after 10/11)$100$250$300$100

Workshop fees are $20 each.


CSCW 2020 and UIST 2020 appear to be virtually co-located with events occurring on an “Overlap Day”. What will be happening on this ‘Overlap Day’?

All attendees who register for CSCW will be able to watch and participate in all CSCW events from October 17 to 21 (i.e., whatever CSCW does for the program management). In addition, CSCW attendees can attend our joint UIST/CSCW panel hosted by Dr. Michael Bernstein, in addition to the UIST events that are occurring on the overlap day on October 21.


UIST 2020 is virtually co-located with CSCW 2020, so can I get a discount if I register for both conferences

To encourage those in the CSCW community to learn about and become involved in the awesome research that is being done within the UIST community, both conferences have decided to offer a registration discount to attendees who register for both conferences. Registration discounts are an approximate savings of one sixth the cost of registering for both conferences (3 days of UIST + 3 days of UIST – 1 overlap day = a 17% registration discount).

Once you have registered for CSCW, you will receive a confirmation email that will have a coupon code that you can use to register for UIST on the UIST website with the discount. Conversely, if you have registered for UIST first, your UIST confirmation email will have a coupon code that you can use on the CSCW registration website when you register.


I can attend all three days of CSCW 2020, but only part of UIST 2020. Can I register for only one or two days of UIST?

Unfortunately, UIST is not offering per-day registration. Please see for more details.