SIGCHI ICMI and CSCW in Costa Rica

Costa Rica, a land of peace, happiness, and biodiversity located in Central America, is set to become an epicenter for technology and collaboration research this November of 2024. Hosting two back-to-back SIGCHI conferences: The 26th ACM International Conference on Multimodal Interaction (ICMI) and the 27th ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW).

Costa Rica promises an extraordinary experience that merges cutting-edge research with the allure of its tropical paradise. In this post, we explore why attending these conferences in Costa Rica is not just a professional and academic opportunity but a chance to safely immerse yourself in this Central American country’s natural wonders and warm hospitality. But it also constitutes a beautiful way to create or solidify cooperation and understanding between the Global North and Latin American research. While part of the same global community, these research perspectives might differ. Having these conferences for the first time in a Latin American country has the potential to open everyone’s view to a world of innovative and relevant opportunities.

Map of San José showing a distance of 8 kilometers from the Juan Santamaría International Airport to the CSCW 2024 venue, and a distance of 16 kilometers to the ICMI 2024 venue.

Kicking off the month of November, the ICMI conference will unfold at the Crowne Plaza San José Conference Center from November 4th to 8th, 2024. This conference is a forum that combines multimodal artificial intelligence (AI) and social interaction research. Furthermore, the theme of this year’s ICMI conference revolves around “Equitability and environmental sustainability in multimodal interaction technologies.”

Following ICMI, the CSCW conference will take center stage at the Costa Rica Convention Center from November 9th to 13th, 2024. This venue, known for its world-class facilities, is tailor-made for the collaborative and cooperative spirit of the CSCW conference. CSCW is an excellent forum for research in designing and using technologies that affect groups, organizations, communities, and networks. Furthermore, CSCW explores the technical, social, material, and theoretical challenges of designing technology to support collaborative work and life activities.

Being close to San Jose, participants of both conferences can explore the city’s historical charm by visiting the National Theater or strolling through the bustling Mercado Central, a lively market where local vendors showcase an array of crafts, fresh produce, and traditional Costa Rican cuisine. Furthermore, for an educational and enriching experience, the Jade Museum and the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum provide insights into the country’s indigenous history and artistic heritage.

Costa Rica is not just a conference destination; it’s a nation eager to embrace the future of technology and research. The Costa Rican people’s warm welcome and commitment to sustainability and innovation create an atmosphere appropriate for groundbreaking discussions and collaborations.

Hosting these prestigious SIGCHI conferences is an excellent opportunity for Costa Rica and a catalyst for positive change and technology development in the Latin American region. The events will stimulate knowledge exchange, foster collaborations, and encourage the growth of the local and regional communities. Our efforts to include regional workshops and experiences during the conferences will mutually benefit both participants of the events and the local HCI-related communities.

In November 2024, as we engage in discussions and presentations and forge new connections at the ICMI and CSCW conferences in Costa Rica, you’ll also have the chance to explore a country that seamlessly merges sustainability with tropical beauty. Join us on this unforgettable journey where the spirit of collaboration meets the wonders of nature.

Written by SIGCHI Costa Rica