November 3-7, 2018 : New York City's Hudson River (Jersey City)
CSCW Student Reviewer Mentor Program

The CSCW Student Reviewer Mentoring Program is intended to create an opportunity for students to participate in the CSCW review process while getting guidance from senior reviewers. The idea is that a small pool of students within the CSCW field are matched with CSCW review mentors, who agree to support the student in writing high-quality reviews. This has three purposes. First, PC members who choose a student reviewer within the mentor program will know that the student will do a good review, since the mentor will see to that. Second, students will have the opportunity to get feedback and discuss the reviewing process with the mentor and therefore become a better reviewer. Third, the students will become expert reviewers for future CSCW conferences, where they may eventually mentor the next generation of students!

Please stay tuned for information about being a Reviewer Mentor for CSCW 2018. For questions, please contact the Reviewer Mentorship co-chairs listed below.

Student Reviewer Mentoring Co-Chairs

Michael Muller (IBM Research)
Stephan Lukosh (T.U. Delft)