"Lasting Impact" Session at the CSCW 2014

The first CSCW Lasting Impact Award recognizes Jonathan Grudin's groundbreaking 1988 paper "Why CSCW applications fail: Problems in the design and evaluation of organizational interfaces." This paper epitomizes the goals of CSCW, surfacing hidden social dynamics, revealing their impact, and, ultimately, turning those insights into design principles for new systems. For example, because the benefits of using a system are often unequal among the required participants, it has to be designed to appeal to participants who have the least to gain.

Irene Greif will present the award in a short formal part of the session, where we'll also hear from Jonathan on how he came to write the paper, and Tom Finholt on what the data shows about the impact of the paper.

To bring the concepts up to date, we are assembling a panel that will look at current trends and technologies in the context of the cost/benefit trade-off. Why do people keep up their Facebook pages religiously, but still fail to update "skills" lists on internal work-related sites? Does the cost/benefit balance predict the extremely low completion rates of MOOCs? While many people scoff at using extrinsic rewards though gamification, do they make perfect sense when some people will get little to no intrinsic rewards? Bring your own favorite examples, as we'll welcome audience participation!

Irene Greif, Award Presenter and Moderator
Jonathan Grudin, Microsoft Research, Award Winner
Thomas Finholt, University of Michigan, Impact Analysis
Panel to be selected