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Air Travel

Three major airports service the greater San Francisco region. The major gateway to San Francisco is San Francisco International airport (SFO), 15 miles south of the city. Transportation from the airport to downtown San Francisco is available via BART - San Francisco’s light rail service. The BART station at SFO is located inside the International Terminal. To get to the conference hotel, take BART to the Embarcadero station – a 30 minute ride that will set you back about $9. The conference venue is directly next to the Embarcadero station.

Oakland International Airport (OAK), located across the Bay, is also connected to the venue via BART. The recently completed AirBART service provides a connection from just outside Oakland’s main terminal to the Coliseum BART Station. The journey will take about 40 minutes and cost about $10.

The conference venue is also accessible from San Jose International Airport (SJC). Traveling from SJC to the venue is significantly more difficult and time consuming, however. To get to the conference venue from SJC, take the VTA bus 10/Airport Flyer toward “Santa Clara Caltrain”; Take Caltrain North to the Millbrae stop; Transfer to BART at Millbrae and take it North to the Embarcadero stop.

Getting Around SF

BART - BART is the Bay Area’s light rail system, and it’s among the most reliable and cost effective ways to get around. provides plenty of details to help you plan your trip. Several great apps are also available to help you plan and keep track of trains in real time.

Note that BART does not run 24 hours. The last trains generally leave the end of the line for their final run at midnight, and don’t start up again until 4am.

Muni - Muni is San Francisco’s bus and trolley system. While BART only runs one major artery through the city, Muni will take you all over, from Fisherman’s Wharf to Ocean Beach. is your source to plan your trip on Muni.

AC Transit - If you want to travel around the East Bay by bus, or get back and forth from Berkeley/Oakland to SF, you’ll need AC Transit. AC Transit does run bus service back and forth from the East Bay all night, so you’ll never be stuck if you’re out late. All things AC Transit at:

Taxis/Uber/Lyft - Traditional taxis are common in San Francisco, but Uber and Lyft are ubiquitous. You can generally get a Lyft or Uber to take you anywhere in the city in just a few minutes. Make sure to load up the apps before you arrive.

Accessible Travel Options

BART’s page on Accessible services:
Accessible taxi services:
SF Paratransit: