November 3rd-7th, 2018 : New York City's Hudson River (Jersey City)

While paper sessions provide detailed discussions of recently completed work, panels provide an opportunity to hear from researchers in the field about about what is on the horizon - or what is already here but not yet recognized, acknowledged or discussed. Panels are designed to:

  • Discuss relevant, important, and critical topics
  • Engage the audience and provoke discussion
  • Bring several disciplines, methods, or approaches in productive conversation
  • Represent a diversity of individuals, who can bring multiple perspectives to the topic

The panels accepted for 2018 include:

Online Fandom: Boldly Going Where Few CSCW Researchers Have Gone Before

Brianna Dym (Moderator)
Cecilia Aragon
Julia Bullard
Ruby Davis
Casey Fiesler

Research Ethics and Regulation: An Open Forum

Casey Fiesler (Moderator)
Amy Bruckman
Robert E. Kraut
Michael Muller
Cosmin Munteanu
Katie Shilton

Without a Trace: How Studying Invisible Interactions Can Help Us Understand Social Media

Nicole Ellison (Moderator)
Megan French
Eden Litt
S. Shyam Sundar
Penny Trieu

Computer-Supported Career Development in The Future of Work

Julie Hui (Moderator)
Elizabeth M. Gerber
Adam Marcus
Lynn Dombrowski
Mary L. Gray
Niloufar Salehi