Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction

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Digital Privacy Challenges with Shared Mobile Phone Use in Bangladesh

Motivating Participation in Crowdsourced Policymaking: The Interplay of Epistemic and Interactive Aspects

On Making Data Actionable: How Activists Use Imperfect Data to Foster Social Change for Human Rights Violations in Mexico

Multi-Channel Topic-Based Mobile Messaging in Romantic Relationships

It was Fun, but Did it Last?: The Dynamic Interplay between Fun Motives and Contributors' Activity in Peer Production

Collaborative Problem Solving in an Open-Ended Scientific Discovery Game

"It's good to know you're not a stranger every time": Communication about Values Between Patients with Multiple Chronic Conditions and Healthcare Providers

Classification and Its Consequences for Online Harassment: Design Insights from HeartMob

Project Management Practices as a Subject of Research for CSCW: Status and future opportunities

xPress: Rethinking Design for Aging and Accessibility through an IVR Blogging System

Threading is Sticky: How Threaded Conversations Promote Comment System User Retention

Friends Don't Need Receipts: The Curious Case of Social Awareness Streams in the Mobile Payment App Venmo

Seeing Sound: Investigating the Effects of Visualizations and Complexity on Crowdsourced Audio Annotations

Tabloids in the Era of Social Media?: Understanding the Production and Consumption of Clickbaits in Twitter

You Can't Stay Here: The Efficacy of Reddit's 2015 Ban Examined Through Hate Speech

By the Community & For the Community: A Deep Learning Approach to Assist Collaborative Editing in Q&A Sites

When to say "Enough is Enough!": A Study on the Evolution of Collaboratively Created Process Models

Korero: Facilitating Complex Referencing of Visual Materials in Asynchronous Discussion Interface

Privacy Leakage in Event-based Social Networks: A Meetup Case Study

Self-Tracking for Fertility Care: Collaborative Support for a Highly Personalized Problem

Identifying Misaligned Inter-Group Links and Communities

The Sharing Economy in Computing: A Systematic Literature Review

Community Engagement Triage: Lightweight Prompts for Systematic Reviews

Private Peer Feedback as Engagement Driver in Humanitarian Mapping

Challenges in Transitioning from Civil to Military Culture: Hyper-Selective Disclosure through ICTs

Suppressing the Search Engine Manipulation Effect (SEME)

Linguistic Markers Indicating Therapeutic Outcomes of Social Media Disclosures of Schizophrenia

I Should Listen More: Real-time Sensing and Feedback of Non-Verbal Communication in Video Telehealth

Novice and Expert Sensemaking of Crowdsourced Design Feedback

Digital Technologies and Intimate Partner Violence: A Qualitative Analysis with Multiple Stakeholders

"Control your emotions, Potter":: An Analysis of Grief Policing on Facebook in Response to Celebrity Death

Beyond Information Content: The Effects of Culture on Affective Grounding in Instant Messaging Conversations

Operationalizing Conflict and Cooperation between Automated Software Agents in Wikipedia: A Replication and Expansion of 'Even Good Bots Fight'

Investigating Support Seeking from Peers for Pregnancy in Online Health Communities

Two Sides to Every Story: Mitigating Intercultural Conflict through Automated Feedback and Shared Self-Reflections in Global Virtual Teams

Evaluating a Computational Approach to Labeling Politeness: Challenges for the Application of Machine Classification to Social Computing Data

Hacking with NPOs: Collaborative Analytics and Broker Roles in Civic Data Hackathons

High-resolution Temporal Representations of Alcohol and Tobacco Behaviors from Social Media Data

A Sociotechnical Study of a Community-based Rewards Program: Insights on Building Social, Financial and Human Capital

Types of Motivation Affect Study Selection, Attention, and Dropouts in Online Experiments

Service Providers of the Sharing Economy: Who Joins and Who Benefits?

Quality Standards, Service Orientation, and Power in Airbnb and Couchsurfing

A Comparative Study of Visualizations with Different Granularities of Behavior for Communicating about Autism

Supporting Distributed Critique through Interpretation and Sense-Making in an Online Creative Community

Conspiracy Talk on Social Media: Collective Sensemaking during a Public Health Crisis

Managing Disruptive Behavior through Non-Hierarchical Governance: Crowdsourcing in League of Legends and Weibo

Increasing Quality and Involvement in Online Peer Feedback Exchange

'No Telling Passcodes Out Because They're Private': Understanding Children's Mental Models of Privacy and Security Online

Upvote My News: The Practices of Peer Information Aggregation for Breaking News on

The Effect of Emotional Cues from the NFL on Wikipedia Contributions

Effectiveness and Users' Experience of Obfuscation as a Privacy-Enhancing Technology for Sharing Photos

Distraction or Life Saver?: The Role of Technology in Undergraduate Students' Boundary Management Strategies

Making Sense of Foreign Language Posts in Social Media

Tinkering with Governance: Technopolitics and the Economization of Citizenship

Can Biosignals be Expressive?: How Visualizations Affect Impression Formation from Shared Brain Activity

Selfies as Social Movements: Influences on Participation and Perceived Impact on Stereotypes

Write for Life: Persisting in Online Health Communities through Expressive Writing and Social Support

When Distribution of Tasks and Skills are Fundamentally Problematic: A Failure Story from Global Software Outsourcing

Would You Slack That?: The Impact of Security and Privacy on Cooperative Newsroom Work

Most Teens Bounce Back: Using Diary Methods to Examine How Quickly Teens Recover from Episodic Online Risk Exposure

A Nine-Item Questionnaire for Measuring the Social Disfordance of Mediated Social Touch Technologies

Collocated Use of Imaging Systems in Coordinated Surgical Practice

Retrospecting on Work and Productivity: A Study on Self-Monitoring Software Developers' Work

Credibility and the Dynamics of Collective Attention

Spread of Employee Engagement in a Large Organizational Network: A Longitudinal Analysis

Stickers for Steps: A Study of an Activity Tracking System with Face-to-Face Social Engagement

Preserving the Margins: Supporting Creativity and Resistance on Digital Participatory Platforms

Recurring Meetings: An Experiential Account of Repeating Meetings in a Large Organization

"Who Has Plots?": Contextualizing Scientific Software, Practice, and Visualizations

Synchronous Text Messaging: A Field Trial of Curtains Messenger

Filtered Out: Disability Disclosure Practices in Online Dating Communities

Understanding Individual and Collaborative Problem-Solving with Patient-Generated Data: Challenges and Opportunities

No Workflow Can Ever Be Enough: How Crowdsourcing Workflows Constrain Complex Work

Social Media in Emergencies: A Representative Study on Citizens' Perception in Germany

Interpretations of Online Anonymity in Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous

Modeling Stress with Social Media Around Incidents of Gun Violence on College Campuses

WeBrowse: Leveraging User Clicks for Content Discovery in Communities of a Place

Never Too Old, Cold or Dry to Watch the Sky: A Survival Analysis of Citizen Science Volunteerism

Inferring Individual Social Capital Automatically via Phone Logs

Drawing the Lines of Contention: Networked Frame Contests Within #BlackLivesMatter Discourse

The Gig Economy and Information Infrastructure: The Case of the Digital Nomad Community

Crowdcasting: Remotely Participating in Live Events Through Multiple Live Streams

Gender Bias in the Job Market: A Longitudinal Analysis

To Share, or Not to Share?: Community-Level Collaboration in Open Innovation Contests

Simulation Experiments on (the Absence of) Ratings Bias in Reputation Systems

Social CheatSheet: An Interactive Community-Curated Information Overlay for Web Applications

Dyslexia in SNS: An Exploratory Study to Investigate Expressions of Identity and Multimodal Literacies

Care as a Resource in Underserved Learning Environments

Everyday Resilience: Supporting Resilient Strategies among Low Socioeconomic Status Communities

Technologies, Methods, and Values: Changes in Empirical Research at CSCW 1990 - 2015

Why Users Do Not Want to Write Together When They Are Writing Together: Users' Rationales for Today's Collaborative Writing Practices

Quantified Baby: Parenting and the Use of a Baby Wearable in the Wild

Supporting Virtual Team Formation through Community-Wide Deliberation

Understanding Collaborative Decision Making Around a Large-Scale Interactive Tabletop

Eliciting Values Reflections by Engaging Privacy Futures Using Design Workbooks

Social Media for Earthquake Response: Unpacking its Limitations with Care

"Our Privacy Needs to be Protected at All Costs": Crowd Workers' Privacy Experiences on Amazon Mechanical Turk

Persuading Teammates to Give: Systematic versus Heuristic Cues for Soliciting Loans

Cross-Strait Frenemies: Chinese Netizens VPN in to Facebook Taiwan

SqueezeBands: Mediated Social Touch Using Shape Memory Alloy Actuation

Out With The Old, In With The New?: Unpacking Member Turnover in Online Production Groups

I Didn't Know that You Knew I Knew: Collaborative Shopping Practices between People with Visual Impairment and People with Vision

Crowd Development: The Interplay between Crowd Evaluation and Collaborative Dynamics in Wikipedia

Understanding Relationship Overlapping on Social Network Sites: A Case Study of Weibo and Douban

The Effect of Computer-Generated Descriptions on Photo-Sharing Experiences of People with Visual Impairments