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Into the Petri Dish: Culture and Collaboration
Mon 25

Closure vs. Structural Holes: How Social Network Information and Culture Affect Choice of Collaborators

Gao, G., Hinds, P., Zhao, C.

The Effect of Message Content on Communication Processes in Intercultural and Same-Culture Instant Messaging Conversations

Nguyen, D., Fussell, S.

"Facebook is a Luxury": An Exploratory Study of Social Media Use in Rural Kenya

Wyche, S., Schoenebeck, S., Forte, A.

Doodle Around the World: Online Scheduling Behavior Reflects Cultural Differences in Time Perception and Group Decision-Making

Reinecke, K., Nguyen, M., Bernstein, A., Naef, M., Gajos, K.

On the Record: Information and Communication in Medical Contexts
Mon 25

Local- universality: Designing EMR to Support Localized Informal Documentation Practices

Park, S.Y., Pine, K., Chen, Y.

Re-Coordinating Activities: An Investigation of Articulation Work during Patient Transfers

Abraham, J., Reddy, M.

Shared decision making needs a communication record

Kane, B., Luz, S., Toussaint, P., Hollywood, D.

Caring for Caregivers: Designing for Integrality

Chen, Y., Ngo, V., Park, S.Y.

Source Work: Social Factors in Software Development
Mon 25

Mutual Assessment in the Social Programmer Ecosystem: An Empirical Investigation of Developer Profile Aggregators

Singer, L., Filho, F.F., Cleary, B., Treude, C., Storey, M., Schneider, K.

Impression formation in commons-based peer production: Activity traces and personal profiles in GitHub

Marlow, J., Dabbish, L, Herbsleb, J.

Intersubjectivity in Open Source Software Development: Expansive Grounding in Distributed Work

Fugelli, P., Lahn, L, March, A.

Activity traces and signals in software developer recruitment and hiring

Marlow, J., Dabbish, L.

Gesture and Touch
Mon 25

KinectArms: a Toolkit for Capturing and Displaying Arm Embodiments in Distributed Tabletop Groupware

Genest, A., Gutwin, C, Tang, A., Kalyn, M., Ivkovic, Z.

The Mocking Gaze: The social organisation of Kinect use

Harper, R., Mentis, H.

"Almost Touching:" Parent-Child Remote Communication Using the ShareTable System

Yarosh, S., Tang, A., Mokashi, S., Abowd, G.

Sometimes When We Touch: How Arm Embodiments Change Reaching and Collaboration on Digital Tables

Doucette, A., Gutwin, C., Mandryk, R., Nacenta, M.

<3CI: Technology Supporting Relationships
Mon 25

Recalibrating the Ratio: Enacting Accountability in Intimate Relationships Using Shared Calendars

Thayer, A., Sirjani, B., Lee, C.

Audio-Enhanced Paper Photos: Encouraging Social Interaction at Age 105

Piper, A.M., Weibel, N., Hollan, J.

Electric Agents: Fostering sibling joint media engagement through interactive television and augmented reality

Ballagas, R., Dugan, T., Revelle, G., Mori, K., Go, J., Sandberg, M., Reardon, E., Spasojevic, M.

"Back and Forth, Back and Forth": Channel Switching in Romantic Couple Conflict

Scissors, L., Gergle, D.

Sharing and Privacy
Mon 25

Radiator - Context propagation based on delayed aggregation

Alves, P., Ferreira, P.

An Online Experiment of Social Applications' Privacy Authorization Dialogues

Wang, N., Grossklags, J., Xu, H.

What a Tangled Web We Weave: Lying Backfires in Location-Sharing Social Media

Page, X., Knijnenburg, B., Kobsa, A.

Mining Social Media Data
Mon 25

Mining Smartphone Data to Classify Life-Facets of Social Relationships

Min, J.K., Wiese, J., Hong, J., Zimmerman, J

Mining Social Relationship Types in an Organization using Communication Patterns

Choi, J., Heo, S., Han, J., Lee, G., Song, J.

Understanding Affect in the Workplace via Social Media

De Choudhury, M., Counts, S.

Statistical Affect Detection in Collaborative Chat

Brooks, M., Kuksenok, K., Torkildson, M., Robinson, J., Dhar, P., Anicello, O., Scott, T., Zukowski, A., Aragon, C.

Mon 25

Voluntary Turnover in a Distributed Work Setting: An Examination of the Role of Spatial Propinquity and Role Similarity in Project Affiliation Networks

Gopalakrishnan, G., Halgin, D., Borgatti, S.

Analyzing the Flow of Knowledge in Computer Mediated Teams

Introne, J., Drescher, M.

Representation and communication: Challenges in interpreting large social media datasets

Rost, M., Barkhuus, L., Cramer, H., Brown, B.

A Multi-level Analysis of the impact of Shared Leadership in Diverse Virtual Teams

Robert, L.

Mon 25

Friends FTW! Friendship and competition in Halo: Reach

Mason, W., Clauset, A.

Media Technologies and Learning in the StarCraft eSport Community

Kow, Y.M., Young, T.

Functional or Social? Exploring Teams in Online Games

Huang, Y., Ye, W., Bennett, N., Contractor, N.

ExerSync: Facilitating Interpersonal Synchrony in Social Exergames

Park, T., Lee, U., Lee, B., Song, S., Song, J.

Collaboration and Sharing in Scientific Work
Mon 25

Meanings and Boundaries of Scientific Software Sharing

Huang, X., Ding, X., Lee, C., Lu, T., Gu, N.

Beyond Trust and Reliability: Reusing Data in Collaborative Cancer Epidemiology Research

Rolland, B., Rolland, B., Lee, C.

Explaining Field Differences in Openness and Sharing in Scientific Communities

Velden, T.

Sharing the spoils: incentives and collaboration in scientific software development

Howison, J., Herbsleb, J.

Making the World a Better Place
Mon 25

Designing for Reflection and Collaboration to Support a Transition from Welfare to Work

Colineau, N., Paris, C. and Nepal, S.

Hollaback!: The Role of Storytelling Online in a Social Movement Organization

Dimond, J., Dye, M., Larose, D., Bruckman, A.

Working and Sustaining the Virtual "Disaster Desk"

Starbird, K., Palen, L.

Community-oriented spoken web browser for low literate users

Srivastava, S., Rajput, N., Dhanesha, K., Basson, S., Thomas. J.T.

Group and Team Issues in the Health Domain
Mon 25

ACES: A Cross-Discipline Platform and Method for Communication and Language Research

Hailpern, J., Danilevsky, M., Harris, A., Suh, S., LaBotz, R., Karahalios, K.

Understanding Visual Attention of Teams in Dynamic Medical Settings through Vital Signs Monitor Use

Kusunoki, D., Sarcevic, A., Zhang, Z., Burd, R.

Privacy Management in Dynamic Groups: Understanding Information Privacy in Medical Practices

Chen, Y., Xu, H.

Non-Static Nature of Patient Consent: Shifting Privacy Perspectives in Health Information Sharing

O'Kane, A., Mentis, H.

Trust, Credibility, and Rumors: International Perspectives
Mon 25

Globally Distributed System Developers: Their Trust Expectations and Processes

Al-Ani, B., Bietz, M., Wang, Y., Trainer, E., Koehne, B., Marczak, S., Redmiles, D., Prikladnicki, R.

Microblog Credibility Perceptions: Comparing the United States and China

Yang, J., Counts, S., Morris, M., Hoff, A.

She Gets a Sports Car from Our Donation: Rumor Transmission in a Chinese Microblogging Community

Liao, Q., Shi, L.

Trust in Online News: Comparing Social Media and Official Media Use by Chinese Citizens

Wang, Y., Mark, G.

Tues 26

Ubiquitous Crowd-sourcing into Context

Mashhadi, A., Quattrone, G., Capra, L.

Pay by the Bit: An Information-Theoretic Metric for Collective Human Judgment

Waterhouse, T.

Enhancing Reliability Using Peer Consistency Evaluation in Human Computation

Huang, S., Fu, W.

Quality Control Mechanisms for Crowdsourcing: Peer Review, Arbitration, & Expertise at FamilySearch Indexing

Hansen, D., Schone, P., Corey, D., Reid, M., Gehring, J.

Local is Where It's At
Tues 26

Indebtedness, Reciprocity, and Fairness in Local Online Exchange

Lampinen, A., Lehtinen, V., Cheshire, C., Suhonen, E.

Consequences of Content Diversity for Online Public Spaces for Local Communities

Lopez, C., Butler, B.

Finger On The Pulse: Identifying Deprivation Using Transit Flow Analysis

Smith, C., Quercia, D., Capra, L.

Digital Neighborhood Watch: Investigating the Sharing of Camera Data amongst Neighbors

Brush, A.J., Jung, J., Mahajan, R., Martinez, F.

Working Together
Tues 26

Complementarity of Input Devices to Achieve Knowledge Sharing in Meetings

Verma, H., Roman, F., Magrelli, S., Jermann, P., Dillenbourg, P.

Dependency-Conflict Detection in Real-time Collaborative 3D Design Systems

Agustina, A., Sun, C.

XPointer: an X-Ray Telepointer for Relaxed-Space-Time WYSIWIS and Unconstrained Collaborative 3D Design Systems

Agustina, A., Sun, C.

Drawing Practices in Image-Enabled Collaboration

Snyder, J.

Computer-Mediated Communication
Tues 26

Understanding How the Projection of Availability State Impacts the Reception Incoming Communication

Teevan, J., Hehmeyer, A.

How and Why Teenagers Use Video Chat

Buhler, T., Neustaedter, C., Hillman, S.

Butler Lies From Both Sides: Actions and Perceptions of Unavailability Management in Texting

Reynolds, L., Smith, M., Birnholtz, J., Hancock, J.

Virtually Dining Together in Time-Shifted Environment: KIZUNA Design

Nawahdah, M., Inoue, T.

Understanding People's Practices in Social Networks
Tues 26

The Post that Wasn't: Exploring Self-Censorship on Facebook

Sleeper, M., Balebako, R., Das, S., McConahy, A., Wiese, J., Cranor, L.

Widespread Underprovision on a Social Voting Site

Gilbert, E.

Users and Nonusers: Interactions between Levels of Adoption and Social Capital

Lampe, C., Vitak, J., Ellison, N.

Uses & Gratifications of a Facebook Media Sharing Group

Karnik, M., Oakley, I., Venkatanathan, J., Spiliotopoulos, T., Nisi, V.

Wikipedia Supported Cooperative Work
Tues 26

"Welcome!": Social and Psychological Predictors of Volunteer Socializers in Online Communities

Hsieh, G., Hou, Y., Chen, I., Truong, K.

Tea and Sympathy: Crafting Positive New User Experiences on Wikipedia

Morgan, J., Stierch, S., Walls, H., Bouterse, S.

Making Peripheral Participation Legitimate: Reader engagement experiments in Wikipedia

Halfaker, A., Keyes, O., Taraborelli, D.

Using Edit Sessions to Measure Participation in Wikipedia

Geiger, R.S., Halfaker, A.

Ideology, Politics, and Social Curation: Recent Work on Twitter
Tues 26

Structures of Broken Ties: Exploring Unfollow Behavior on Twitter

Xu, B., Huang, Y., Kwak, H., Contractor, N.

What's Congress Doing on Twitter?

Hemphill, L., Otterbacher, J., Shapiro, M.

Is News Sharing on Twitter Ideologically Biased?

Morgan, J., Lampe, C., Shafiq, Z.

Tweets Are Forever: A Large-Scale Quantitative Analysis of Deleted Tweets

Almuhimedi, H., Wilson, S., Liu, B., Sadeh, N.

Not Lost in Translation?
Tues 26

Understanding informal communication in multlingual contexts

Yuan, C.W., Setlock, L., Fussell, S., Cosley, D.

Lost in Transmittance: How Transmission Lag Enhances and Deteriorates Multilingual Collaboration

Yamashita, N., Echenique, A., Ishida, T., Hautasaari, A.

Machine Translation vs. Common Language: Effects on Idea Exchange in Cross-Lingual Groups

Wang, H., Fussell, S., Cosley, D.

"Could Someone Please Translate This?" - Activity Analysis of Wikipedia Article Translation by Non-Experts

Hautasaari, A.

Social Media Analysis and Interventions
Tues 26

Social Navigation for Loosely-Coupled Information Seeking in Tightly-Knit Groups using WebWear

Bateman, S., Gutwin, C., McCalla, G.

Analyzing the Quality of Information Solicited from Targeted Strangers on Social Media

Nichols, J., Kang, J., Zhou, M., Yang, H., Sun, X.H.

Personality-targeted design: theory, experimental procedure, and preliminary results

Nov, O., Arazy, O.

Photographer Paths: Sequence Alignment of Geotagged Photos for Exploration-based Route Planning

Ali, A.E., Sas, S.V., Nack, F.

Collaboration in Creative Communities
Tues 26

Supporting creative collaboration in globally distributed companies

Gumienny, R., Gericke, L., Wenzel, M., Meinel, C.

Redistributing Leadership in Online Creative Collaboration

Luther, K., Fiesler, C., Bruckman, A.

From Organizational to Community Creativity: Paragon Leadership & Creativity Stories at Etsy

Pace, T., O'Donnell, K., DeWitt, N., Bardzell, S., Bardzell, J.

The cost of collaboration for code and art: Evidence from a remixing community

Hill, B.M., Monroy-Hernandez, A.

Controversy, Arguments, Rule Breakers, and Politics
Tue 26

The promise and peril of real-time corrections to political misperceptions

Garrett, R.K.

Your Process Is Showing: Controversy Management and Perceived Quality in Wikipedia

Towne, W.B., Kittur, A., Kinnaird, P., Herbsleb, J.

Arguments about Deletion: How Experience Improves the Acceptability of Arguments in Ad-hoc Online Task Groups

Schneider, J., Samp, K., Passant, A., Decker, S.

Keeping Eyes on the Prize: Officially Sanctioned Rule Breaking in Mass Collaboration Systems

Joyce, E., Pike, J., Butler, B.

Big Issues for CSCW to Consider
Tues 26

Designing Collaboration: Comparing Cases Exploring Cultural Probes as Boundary-Negotiating Objects

Halpern, M., Erickson, I., Forlano, L., Gay, G.

Medication Management in the Making: On Ethnography-Design Relations

Andersen, T.

Why CSCW Needs Science Policy (and Vice-Versa)

Jackson, S., Steinhardt, S., Buyuktur, A.

What is a file?

Harper, R., Lindley, S., Thereska, E., Banks, R., Gosset, P., Smyth, G.

Technology to Support Family Connections
Tues 26

Supporting a Sense of Connectedness: Meaningful Things in the Lives of New University Students

Bales, E., Lindley, S.

An Exploration on Long-distance Communications between Left-behind Children and Their Parents in China

Pan, L., Tian, F., Fei, L., Zhang, X., Liu, Y., Feng, W., Xia, Y., Dai, G., Wang, H.

Revisiting the Relationship between Reunion and Technology-Mediated Separation in Periodically Transitioning Families

Kazakos, K., Vetere, F., Howard, S.

Exploring Remembrance and Social Support Behavior in an Online Bereavement Support Group

Massimi, M.

Searching: Better Together?
Tues 26

Collaborative Search Revisited

Morris, M.R.

Online Silk Road: Nurturing Social Search through Knowledge Bartering

Mao, Y., Shen, H., Sun, C.

Real-time Crowd Labeling for Deployable Activity Recognition

Lasecki, W., Song, Y, Kautz, H., Bigham, J.

Who wants to know? Question-asking and answering practices among Facebook users

Gray, R., Ellison, N., Vitak, J., Lampe, C.

Wed 27

Investigating the Appropriateness of Social Network Question Asking as a Resource for Blind Users

Brady, E., Zhong, Y., Morris, M.R., Bigham, J.

Contributor profiles, their evolution, and their importance in 5 Q&A sites

Furtado, A., Andrade, N., Oliveira, N., Brasileiro, F.

To Answer or Not: What non-QA Social Activities can Tell

Pan, Y., Iuo, Lin, Chi, C., Liao, Q.

Analysis of Factors Influencing the Response Rate in Social Q&A Behavior

Liu, Z., Jansen, B.

Crowding Out the Competition
Wed 27

Crowd vs. Crowd: Large-Scale Cooperative Design through Open Team Competition

Park, C., Son, K., Lee, J.H., Bae, S.

Co-Worker Transparency in a Microtask Marketplace

Kinnaird, P., Dabbish, L., Kiesler, S., Faste, H.

EmailValet: Managing Email Overload through Private, Accountable Crowdsourcing

Kokkalis, N., Köhn, T., Chornyi, D., Pfeiffer, C., Bernstein, M.S., Klemmer, S.R.

The Future of Crowd Work

Kittur, A., Nickerson, J., Bernstein, M., Gerber, E., Shaw, A., Zimmerman, J., Lease, M., Horton, J.

Computer Supported Young People
Wed 27

Going Digital: Understanding Paper and Photo Documentation Practices in Early Childhood Education

Piper, A.M., D'Angelo, S., Hollan, J.

Experiences2Go: Sharing Kids' Activities Outside the Home with Remote Family Members

Inkpen, K., Taylor, B., Junuzovic, S., Tang, J., Venolia, G.

Opportunities via Extended Networks for Teens´ Informal Learning

Lin, P., Farnham, S.

I want to be Sachin Tendulkar! A Spoken English Cricket Game for Rural Students

Larson, M., Rajput, N., Singh, A., Srivastava, S.

Leveraging a Social Network
Wed 27

Trend Makers and Trend Spotters in a Mobile Application

Sha, X., Quercia, D., Dell'Amico, M., Michiardi, P.

I Need Someone to Help! A Taxonomy of People-Finding Activities in the Enterprise

Yarosh, S., Matthews, T., Zhou, M.

Combining Social Information for Academic Networking

Heck, T.

User-Centric Evaluation of a K-Furthest Neighbor Collaborative Filtering Recommender Algorithm

Said, A., Fields, B., Jain, B.

Social Networks During Major Transitions (Personal and Political)
Wed 27

The role of Web 2.0 and Social Media in the Tunisian Revolution: An Account from Sidi Bouzid

Volker, W., Misaki, K., Atam, M., Randall, D. Rohde, M.

Using Facebook after losing a job: Differential benefits of strong and weak ties

Burke, M., Kraut, R.

Major Life Changes and Behavioral Markers in Social Media: Case of Childbirth

Choudhury, M.D., Counts, S., Horvitz, E.

The New War Correspondents: the Rise of Civic Media Curation in the Mexican Drug War

Monroy-Hernandez, A., Choudhury, M.D., Kiciman, E., Boyd, D., Counts, S.

Citizen Science
Wed 27

Sensr: Evaluating A Flexible Framework for Authoring Mobile Data-Collection Tools for Citizen Science

Kim, S., Mankoff, J., Paulos, E.

Comparing the use of Social Networking and Traditional Media Channels for Promoting Citizen Science

Robson, C., Hearst, M., Kau, C., Pierce, J.

Free as in Puppies: Compensating for ICT Constraints in Citizen Science

Wiggins, A.

Devices Matter
Wed 27

Form Factor Matters

Lee, J.S., Tatar, D.

Managing Mobile Multitasking: The Culture of iPhones on (Anon) Campus

Ames, M.

Designing an Effective Vibration-Based Notification Interface for Mobile Phones

Saket, B., Prasojo, C., Zhao, S.

Wed 27

Emergent Roles in Decision-Making Tasks using Group Chat

Barlow, J.

Appropriation by Unanticipated Users: Looking Beyond Design Intent and Expected Use

Quinones, P., Teasley, S., Lonn, S.

The Work of Developing Cyberinfrastructure Middleware Projects

Bietz, M., Paine, D., Lee, C.

Alternative Contexts for Collaboration
Wed 27

Come Drive with Me - An Ethnographic Study of Driver-Passenger Pairs to Inform Future In-Car Assistance

Gridling, N., Sundstraum, P., Meschtscherjakov, A., Wilfinger, D., Tscheligi, M.

Exploring Pet Video Chat: The Remote Awareness and Interaction Needs of Families with Dogs and Cats

Neustaedter, C., Goldbeck, J.

Engaging robots: Easing complex human-robot teamwork using backchanneling

Jung, M., Lee, J.J., De Palma, N., Hinds, P., Breazeal, C.

Papers Co-chairs
Loren Terveen, University of Minnesota
Cliff Lampe, University of Michigan